Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Matchmaker's Match] Bad Day

It wasn’t the kind of morning that spelt a late evening doom. It had been a perfect sunrise because Symphony couldn’t fall asleep after her nightmare. She had gotten up, grabbed a cup of Ginger and Honey tea and wrapped herself in a blanket on the balcony. Warm rays floated over everything. Wisps of mist rose from the dew covered ground heavenward. Birds chirped happily in the background while a baby cried off in the distance. Symphony moaned and closed her eyes as she lifted her cup to her lips. Sipping she looked to her left over the balcony and noticed that smoke was rising to the sky on that section of her view and she shook her head. Some people just never learn not to light an open fire in the ghettos. She didn’t have time to muse over that for long because she had forgotten to turn her alarm clock off. It began blaring and she rolled her eyes. She wanted to sit there, where she was for a while longer but when her alarm clock kept right on screaming, Symphony reluctantly uncurled herself from her seat and dragged her blanket behind her. In her bed room she placed her cup down on the bedside table, turned off the alarm clock and stripped.

Taking a quick shower, she hauled her body back to her bedroom and got dressed in her regular clothes; a pants suit, black stilettos and a black tie. She tied her hair up in a tight bun at the back of her head, slid on some lip gloss before grabbing her bag, car keys and a file folder. Rushing down the stairs, she stopped to dump a second helping of Ginger and Honey tea into her traveler’s mug and was out the door.

The traffic was atrocious! She wondered why it was that whenever she was in a rush, no one else seemed to be. “Come on!” she screamed inside her car. She slammed her palm against the steering wheel as the car drew to a stop behind a car that didn’t seem as if it was actually moving. Every weekday she felt lazy and tired. It wasn’t that Symphony was lazy, far from it. It was just that she hated her job. She hated having to go there every day, smile, laugh and answer phones as if she was happy. Deep down she was miserable as hell and no one seemed to care. Sighing, she exited the highway and sped down the side road to bypass traffic lights towards where her office building was. Her eyes caught the clock on the radio’s stereo and she frowned. She was going to be just on time for work and she hated that. She liked being a tad early so she could flip on the coffee makers. Her cheap-ass boss refused to buy automatic coffee makers to make her life easier.

By the time she pulled into the parking lot, most of the good spots were already taking. She had to park clear across the way and walk to the door. That did not leave Symphony smiling. Shoving open the door, she walked by the security guard who yelled his regular greeting and she simply grunted a reply and headed right for the elevator. Soon she was on the fifteenth floor fighting with the stupid coffee maker.
“Not working again?” Bryn Thompson the research assistant called.

“I really think this man loves torturing me,” Symphony frowned without looking up. She whacked the coffee maker against the side, it hummed and began working. “I keep telling him that these aren’t working. I am not putting up with shit anymore. I’m ordering a new one today, an automatic coffee maker.”

“Did he approve that?”

“Ask me if I care,” she turned to look at her friend. “I can’t keep fighting with this one. The day he shows up and there’s no coffee then he’d bitch and complain. I don’t want to hear his crap.”

“You alright?”

Symphony walked behind her desk and flopped down in the large, overstuffed, leather chair there. She blew out a puff of air out her mouth before rubbing her eyes, “I didn’t sleep much last night,” she admitted as she picked up a pen and stared at her computer screen. “I had another nightmare about my childhood again. And to make it worse my father put strings on my inheritance.”

Bryn walked around her desk and sat on the side, “I keep telling you that you can’t let it keep bothering you!” Bryn whispered hoarsely. “It’s in your past. And what kind of restrictions?”

“I can’t get my inheritance until I spend three weeks on a private island with some one I don’t know if I like him. It’s not easy.”

“Well it’s a private island. And a plus if he’s hot!”

“Come on! It’s not all about him being hot.”

“And I keep telling you that it’s not that easy,” Symphony started by opening the company’s email and began going through them. “Something bad is going to happen.”
“See? Now you’re being paranoid.”

“Don’t I have a right to be? I mean come on! I have a right to be! My father is hustling me from beyond the grave!"